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What's New!

Happy Fall! A few updates:

- We are receiving a high volume of calls which is causing a delay in returning calls. We will give you a call back but it may take longer than it would otherwise.

- If you are a current patient, you can schedule or reschedule appointments at our patient portal which can be found here:  

- Dr. Abraham is currently accepting new patients and new patient appointments can typically be scheduled within 2-3 weeks. 

- Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, appointments are being held via our secure telehealth website. If you have specific concerns about having therapy online, please gives us a call so we can further discuss these concerns. 


Our highly-trained psychologists provide therapy for children to help with a range of problems. Learn more about our treatment services.


Assessment services are available to help improve treatment and provide diagnostic information. Learn more about testing.


School Services

Our school experts are available to help lead families and schools to better school functioning and learning. Learn more about our school services.

About CECF

 Our mission is to provide high-quality services rooted in evidence-based care and interdisciplinary collaboration to children and families while furthering the mental health field through training and research. Our staff have specialized training and experience in working with a wide-range of concerns and work with children as young as two years of age. Click below to learn more about our staff.

The Center for Exceptional Children and Families was started in 2016 by three colleagues who saw a need in New Hampshire for high-quality mental health services for children. After training at major academic-medical settings, the founders wanted to promote new and under-utilized services to complement those services already available in the state. This includes specializing in working with preschool-aged children, children with multiple disabilities/disorders, and working with children with severe behaviors including aggression and self-injury. The founders also bring to the state expertise in feeding disorders, toileting concerns, and sleep/bedtime problems.


At CECF, we believe in the power of parents to be powerful agents of change in the lives of their children. That is why we partner with parents to collaboratively set goals and form a team working together to benefit the family and child. We work towards those goals using approaches grounded in science and evaluated through the use of data. We use data to help identify problems, set goals, assess progress, and determine when to end treatment.


We are conveniently located just minutes from downtown Concord with plenty of off-street parking. Our child friendly offices are bright and comfortable to make you and your child feel at home.


Diagnoses Frequently Served:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorders Trichotillomania
Autism Spectrum Disorder Developmental Delay Habit Disorders
Adjustment Disorder Oppositional Defiant Disorder Vocal/Motor Tics
Depressive Disorder Pica Specific Phobias
Disruptve Behavior Disorder Sleep Terror Disorder OCD
Enuresis/Encopresis Separation Anxiety Disorder  
Fetal Alcohol Specturm Disorders Selective Mutism  
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